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Upon seeing last night's ER where Pratt arrives in "the lovely countryside of Darfur", I wondered if Bush thinks one can actually smóke janja-weed...


"I'll be here all week; don't forget to try the veil!"

(459 more days before he leaves office, folks!)

Or maybe posting this link where one can help Darfur would do more good than cynic little jokes?
I wonder...

Arizona - Thimble

Dom & Orli
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Something new to listen to today; can't really describe it; only that I immediately wanted to listen to it again. Actual song begins after 43 seconds filled with rain and nature-sounds, so be nice and give it a fair chance!
Found it at musicisart, which is thé most stylish/culturally responsible musicblog of all the blogs that are out there.

Arcade Fire visiting "The Boss"

Mad skillz

Keep the car running by Bruce Springsteen & Arcade Fire.
Mega mad skillz.


On popular demand...

Mad skillz
... the tale of 'da finger' (related with my previous locked post):

"Another popular interpretation of the British V-sign is attributed to the Hundred Years’ War between France and England, in which the English longbow archers proved to be decisive in England’s victory. The longbowmen were so adept at decimating the enemy’s ranks that captured English archers supposedly had their index and middle fingers amputated to prevent them ever taking up their bows again. On the battlefield, English archers responded to this custom by offering the French a jeering two-finger salute before employing their bow fingers to a more deadly effect."

I heard this story for the first time on TV somewhere.

De grote donorshow 2.

Dom & Orli
Our prime-minister stated that he really regretted the big donorshow to be broadcasted tonight, for it will be bad for the image of the Netherlands.

I had no idea the two of us would ever agree on something (that it will dent our image). He's a little less scary than Bush, that's why I get the willies of that man...

ETA: I should have known it; it was all a big hoax to raise awareness and the entire world fell for it. lol

Arcade Fire Live

Cloud & Madonna
This post is because I ♥ Arcade Fire and because they are playing Lowlands '07. They were there also in 2005, but I didn't knew them yet at that point and so, I missed out; didn't have their name circled in the schedule. This time, I'll try to be as close at the stage as possible. *fingers crossed*

Last May, they played in Boston.

Enjoy this concert, I only listened to 'Intervention' yet, because that is my favorite of their current album (Neon Bible). It gave me great pleasure that they managed to recreate an organ-sound on stage, because the beginning of that song on the album is bloody overwhelming! :)

Very promising for coming August!

Thank gawd they swopped The Box.

What would happen...
The weirder the programs on our one month young channel Comedy Central, the further my spirits brighten.

That 70's show, Reno 911 and now.... *cue drumrolls* ....
Badly Dubbed Porn.


Guts & rabbithole.

Dom & Orli
Can you believe the sheer nerve of some people? lol

In the category disturbing dreams:
the queen was sitting behind a table and was about to sign an important document at some sort of press-conference, when all of a sudden her face got all weird and her hand was refusing any duty. She got tears in her eyes when she realized what was happening to her and shaked her head apologetically.
By then I got a flash and thought: "stroke", and indeed she was. A few seconds later when I got back to that room, Beatrix already lied in state.

I hate, hate, háte dreams like that; they're so vivid and 'real'.

De grote donorshow.

And if the foreign powers didn't loathe us enough already with our drugs, gaymarriage and all the ususal suspects, our own station BNN will be broadcasting a show where a terminally ill woman is promising her kidneys to one of three patients in a gameshow-setting.

Now they REALLY must think out there that we're the Sodom & Gomorra of Europe. Unnuanced Mid-West Republicans will probably have a field-day depicting us as the skidrow of the globe and eventually drag the name 'Mengele' into the outcry at one time or another, you'll see.

I dó love that we're a bit different from the rest of the planet, but sometimes I'm getting a little tired we're playing to be the deviant.
I think uninformed people that don't get communicated the purpose of this show (which is asking attention in a very provocative manner for organ-donation and trying to get lots more donors, as the founder of the station died 5 years ago of kidney-failure), will think of us as unethical monsters without any morals whatsoever.

The way this is issue is depicted in international media, our image is denting even more as it was. And that's not a good thing.

I am a donor btw; they can harvest everything except my skin. Have the card in my wallet since 1998 and even before that year, I already had the old version which you had to fill out yourself.
It's a bloody shame that in our country, 7 out of the 16 million people didn't make their choice yet. The show's purpose is to make people think about whether they want to be a donor or not. I wish folks wouldn't be so slow about choosing what they want.


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